Is it just me or it feels like summer has been extended here in Cebu? With the summer-like temperatures lately, all I want to do is spend time at the beach or indulge myself into cold desserts. Speaking of cold desserts, I recently discoveredBOB体育, a dessert kiosk offering healthy and refreshing mango-based products.

Mango-based desserts have been trending lately. The question is, isBOB体育worth the hype? I ordered some of their products to find out.

Mango Ice Cream (Php25)

If you want a simple, healthy and refreshing dessert while you’re on-the-go, Miguelitos Hyped Mangoes’ Mango Ice Cream is for you. This dessert comes with a generous serving of mango ice cream on a sweet and crunchy waffle cone then topped with a drizzle of mango sauce and a pinch of crushed graham crackers.

Mango Supreme (Php65)

Mango Supreme is a parfait consisting of layers mango ice cream, sweet chopped mangoes and mango sauce. This is truly a mango-overloaded dessert. I love how the sweet and tangy mangoes complement the mango ice cream really well. If you love mangoes, you will love this dessert.

Hyped Mangoes (Php75)


Hyped Mangoes is a level up version of Mango Supreme. This dessert-in-a-cup consists of layers of mango ice cream, sweet chopped mangoes, crushed graham crackers, mango sauce and a special cream. Indulge yourself with this dessert because it was the bomb!

What I love about Miguelitos Hyped Mangoes in general is that they are using 80% less sugar soft-serve ice cream. Less sugar means it’s healthier for you right? Their soft-serve ice cream is also fortified with calcium which is good for our bones.

I also love how generous they are with their servings. With the prices of their products, it’s really a value-for-money in every order. I can really say that Miguelitos Hyped Mangoes is worth the hype!

Miguelitos Hyped Mangoes Price List

Miguelitos Hyped Mangoes also offersMango Shake (Php85), Mango Juice (Php35), Mango Float (Php65)andMango Sticky Rice (Php65).Too bad these were not available when I visited their kiosk in SM City Cebu.

They have kiosks in the following locations:

  • SM City Cebu
  • Super Metro Colon
  • Metro Colon
  • Gaisano Tabunok
  • Gaisano Country Mall
  • Gaisano Island Mall Mactan
  • Gaisano Savers Mart
  • Pacific Mall
  • Pier 3
  • Gaisano Grand Carcar
  • Island Central Mall Mactan
  • Fooda Consolacion
  • Gaisano Capital Danao
  • Time Square Talamban – soon to open
  • Super Metro Lapu Lapu – soon to open
  • One Pavilion Mall – soon to open

Start your own business withBOB体育. For a franchise set up cost of Php600,000 you can already become the boss of your own business. The franchise set up cost already includes cart setup, equipment and initial stocks, after sales support, marketing support, opening team support, training support, research and product development support and celebrity endorsement.

Miguelitos Hyped Mangoes Franchise Details

Miguelitos Hyped Mangoes is a brand underMiguelitos International Corporation, one of the most promising food manufacturing companies in the Philippines. They started their business as a retailer of soft serve ice cream premixes and ice cream machines. Today, they carry multiple franchising food concepts that can help you start your own business. Some of their franchising food concepts are Miguelitos Ice Cream, Miguelitos Fried Ice Cream, Scrapes, and Miguelitos Hyped Mangoes just to name a few.

VisitMiguelitos Hyped Mangoes Facebook pageto learn more on how you can start your franchising business.

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