Thirsty Mango Float

Mango Float by Thirsty

Mango Floatis one of the popular Filipino desserts. It is always present during gatherings or special occasions. This icebox dessert is made of layers of graham, cream, condensed milk and mangoes, and very easy to do.

Thirsty Mango Float

Thirsty Mango Float

Due to Mango Float’s popularity,Thirstydecided to make their version. Last December 2018, Thirsty came up withThirsty Floatsand their first variant was Mango. Their version is made of layers of graham, cream, mangoes and mango flavored soft serve ice cream. For only Php69 pesos, you’ll get layers of goodness that is both refreshing and fun to eat.

What I love about Thirsty’s Mango Float is that their ice cream is naturally flavored and not to sweet. It is complemented very well by the sweet Cebuano mangoes and other ingredients. Others like to eat their mango float by mixing it. I personally eat it as it is to enjoy the layers of flavors and textures. It may not be your typical mango float but you’ll surely love this one as well.

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Thirsty Mango Floatis currently available at Thirsty Kiosks inRobinsons Fuente, Robinsons Galleria CebuandAyala Center Cebufor onlyPhp69. Soon, they will also be releasing another variant but I’ll keep it a secret for now – check their soft serve ice cream machine to get a clue.

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